Wastewater Treatment Solutions


Wastewater Treatment Solutions & Processes

EC&S develops solutions for containment, treatment and recycling of fluids used in industrial processes. Water is a key element in mineral processing, wood, pulp and paper production, foundry cooling and a variety of other industrial applications. Unfortunately, these uses leave wastewater laden with particulates and chemical contaminants. EC&S helps clients develop safe and effective wastewater treatment systems, some of the benefits of our systems include:

  • Remove or contain unwanted materials
  • Comply with local, state & federal regulations
  • Protect environmental safety
  • Maximize cost savings

EC&S also supplies turn-key wastewater lift stations for industries and municipalities.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

When industrial wastewater is a byproduct of milling, manufacturing, storm water runoff or sewage, it must be treated to remove particulate waste and chemical substances that have accumulated. EC&S develops treatment facilities and processes to capture, filter, treat, recycle and move wastewater safely.

Wastewater treatment systems often use a combination of one or more of these methods to produce results that meet regulatory standards:

  • Settling ponds
  • Pump lift stations
  • Gravity drains
  • Graduated filtration processes
  • Evaporative processes
  • Ion exchange treatment

Turn-key Project Services

EC&S specializes in providing innovative designs for heavy industries like steel mills and foundries, mineral processors, power generation facilities, pulp and paper mills, and chemical refineries. Trust us for turn-key solutions that include these comprehensive services:

  • Facility layout & design
  • Project management
  • Equipment procurement & installation
  • Construction supervision
  • Electrical power & controls
  • Development of operating & maintenance procedures
  • Permit acquisition
  • Financial management

Successful Operation From Day One

At EC&S, our goal is to construct facilities that are completed on time and on budget. We plan for success so projects operate smoothly from day one—without the need for alteration or modification. Your success is our success, and with EC&S on your team, you are assured of building a facility that operates efficiently and economically. Request a project consultation online or speak to an EC&S representative at 205.833.9900 for more information.

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