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Steel Mills and the melt systems associated with the mills are at the core of the EC&S capabilities and experience. With hundreds of successful projects completed in the steel industry over the last 40+ years, it is safe to say that we have deep rooted experience in this industry!

We have the capabilities to design and construct an entire mill from the ground up or help you rework your existing configuration so that your mill operates at peak performance. Regardless of the application, from cupolas, furnaces, kilns, conveyors or castings, EC&S can partner with you in all aspects of steel mill construction and design so that your project is successful!

SMI Steel Inc.

Description: Engineering and Electrical Installation
Contract: $3.2 Million.
Schedule: 12 months
Summary: Project included Electrical Engineering and Installation for Danieli supplied Equipment and Siemens supplied Electrical Equipment, with SMI Steel acting as their own General Contractor. Equipment consisted of a new 256' Cooling Bed, 1200 H.P. Straightener, 200 H.P. Shear, 250 H.P. Abrasive Saw, Gauge Beam, Two Sided Automated Stacker and Binding /Bundling Equipment to prepare Material for shipping. All Electrical Utilities and Secondary Power Distribution were also included.

To prepare the area for the new Equipment, the Existing Cooling Bed Electrical Equipment had to be relocated and a Major Electrical Room had to be Demolished with all the 13.8 KV and 480V Circuits rerouted to a new three story Electrical Room. All Dates for the Electrical tie-ins and start ups were met for a successful project.

EC&S has enjoyed a successful relationship with SMI since 1986. We have successfully completed 4 major projects for them.

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