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Sand Reclamation Systems by EC&S

The use of quality sand in metal casting is crucial to the quality of the final product and to keeping your foundy inline with current OSHA silica dust permissible exposure limits (PEL).  The American Foundry Society (AFS) maintains an excellent resource page for crystalline silica.  See it here: AFS Crystalline Silica Resource Page.

EC&S knows sand, we follow the regulations and we can help you with your metal casting process using Green Sand, Chemically Bonded Sand and the new Ceramic Sand.

EC&S has two industry solutions to work with the type of sand that you need, plus keeping your foundry in environmental compliance.  Using either our gas fired thermal thermal sand reclamation system, or our new Microwave Foundry Sand Reclaim System, we are capable of reclaiming your sand to your specifications!

The BHM Thermal System is a fluidized bed design utilizing close-coupled fluid beds provide calcining, pre-cooling, sand cooling and sand scrubbing (in the case of green sand) on a continuous basis. The entire system has no moving parts since it uses hot air scrubbing and gravity transfer.

The Microwave System utilizes precision guided microwaves to heat the refractory, thus facilitating the release of any binders to your typical sand, or to your Ceramic Sand.  The Microwave System typically has a smaller footprint than the Thermal System, and will utilize less overall energy.

We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your sand reclamation application. EC&S has installed several sand systems, and if your current systems are costing you money due to inefficiencies, age degradation of components, or you want to address current environmental regulation, let EC&S partner with you to install a new modern sand system.

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