Industrial Safety Standards & Requirements


At EC&S our commitment to safety is based on our vision of a work environment that values the welfare of the individual, instills a sense of ownership and embraces excellence in all aspects of EHS performance. We are committed to adding value to your business by adhering to best-in-class environmental, health, and safety protocols. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our customers and employees first and foremost. Finally, we believe in promoting the major safety concepts of management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard recognition and control, and health & safety training.

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To that end, EC&S has subscribed to the ISNetwork’s platform that allows us to remain up to date with all of our client’s as well as OHSA and MSHA requirements. By adhering to the stringent standards required by ISN, EC&S has obtained an A rating.

The results of this commitment have yielded a lower than standard Experience Mod.

Workmans Comp. Experience Ratings

2020 0.78


2022 0.79

Safety During Construction

Safety orientation meetings are conducted on a weekly basis, on site. Prior to the start of any project, basic safety requirements are reviewed, and also any added client safety rules which would apply to the given project.

In addition we address:

  • Proper unloading and loading techniques
  • Qualified personnel using equipment
  • Proper grounding of electrical equipment
  • No smoking requirement
  • Flammable liquid/gas storage and handling
  • Refueling operations
  • Ladder tips
  • Small tool usage, cleaning, storing
  • Weather hazards awareness
  • Job-site first aid availability
  • Warning sirens, blasting etc., awareness
  • Accident reporting
  • Chemical awareness

When employees are hired, the superintendent conducts, with the foremen, an initial safety meeting and employees who have received orientation are logged-in. All personnel must observe posted safety rules, signs, and procedures. For any violation, the employee is warned (minor in nature), but further or repeat violations require dismissal. Employee safety records, covering all levels of EC&S personnel are maintained and reviewed by management. Those employees, who show disregard for safety, will be warned and subsequently dismissed, if safety records are not acceptable. If an accident occurs, the superintendent fills out an accident report form and gives copy to client and to home office, for record purposes.
EC&S has worked diligently to produce an effective safety policy and our lost time accident rate is, as a result, kept to a minimum. Our insurance multiplier reflects our dedication to a safe working environment.

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