Quarry & Mining Conveyor Systems


EC&S Quarry & Mining Applications

A large component of quarry and mining operations is a system for economically and efficiently moving materials from the point of extraction to areas where they are stored or processed. When these areas are on site, conveyor systems offer an economical continuous-feed method for bulk material movement. EC&S provides structural design and installation for quarry and mining conveyor systems and develops electrical controls and PLC programming for quarry and mining operations across the U.S. and globally.

Solutions for Quarry & Mining Operations

Quarry mining is the most widespread form of mining worldwide, supplying building and paving materials like dimensional stone, aggregate, cement, and lime. EC&S designs bulk material handling systems for quarries, open-pit mining operations, and mineral processing plants. We construct and install conveyor systems that move materials between levels in a quarry operation and carry materials through the different stages of mineral processing: crushing, sorting, screening, washing, firing, packaging, and bulk distribution. EC&S specializes in designing and building electrical relays and controls that utilize programmable logic controllers (PLC) to regulate process flow and keep conveyor operations in sync.

As a turn-key partner to our clients, EC&S also provides these comprehensive project services:

  • Structural design
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Bulk material handling systems
  • Project drainage & wastewater treatment
  • Preventative & predictive maintenance procedures
  • LEAN manufacturing process flow procedures
  • Material & energy balance calculations
  • System start up & operating procedures
  • Dust control & compliance strategies
  • PLC programming
  • Ongoing support

EC&S Installations Are Engineered to Keep Working

Downtime for plant modification or maintenance is costly and disruptive to your business. Other engineering firms expect new facilities to be modified after startup, but EC&S works the bugs out before a project is completed. We design systems to satisfy your needs and function reliably, without modification. Routine maintenance and predictive upgrades are also part of our total project planning—so you are not taken by surprise when your equipment needs service. We apply our comprehensive engineering approach to every project we undertake. Contact an EC&S representative online to explore our process control solutions and ongoing services, or call 205.833.9900 to request an estimate for your upcoming project.

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