Packaged Pump Skid Systems


Pump Skids by EC&S

Pump Skids are complete packages that handle applications such as water pumping, process metering, fire suppression or chemical dispensing.  Usually constructed with I-beams as a support base, a pumping skid will typically include a motor or engine, pump and the electrical controls necessary to interface with the motor.  Manufactured in the EC&S panel shop, a typical skid is also piped for the medium it will pump, as well as the electrical and signal processing necessary.  

Once the pump skid is ready to ship, it’s simply lifted onto a truck and delivered to the site.  At the job site, it is simple and efficient to connect the piping and electrical, making start up and servicing quick, efficient and convenient.

If you have an application where you need a pump skid, please contact EC&S to learn more about our potential.

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