Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Services


Municipal & Industrial Lift Stations

Pump lift stations are key components of municipal and industrial wastewater and stormwater treatment systems. EC&S supplies turn-key pump lift stations that are fully customized to meet the wastewater treatment requirements of municipalities, industrial facilities and developers.

Industrial Lift Stations

It is not always practical to move sewage, industrial drainage and other accumulations of wastewater from one location to another by gravity drainage. Pump lift stations solve the problem, providing a safe, controlled method for pumping wastewater between levels during removal and treatment. The composition of wastewater is a key factor in determining the configuration of pump lift stations. Air-operated pumps are used when industrial wastewater includes slurries or suspended particles. Vertical pumps handle industrial wastewater containing corrosive fluids, and grinder pumps are common in lift stations for sewage removal. Other options for customization of lift stations include sensors and control panels, guide rails, basins and valves.

Wastewater Services

As a turn-key supplier of municipal and industrial lift stations, EC&S provides these services:

  • Procurement & installation of lift stations
  • Integration of lift stations into wastewater treatment systems
  • Custom lift station configuration
  • Electrical controls and PLC programming
  • Permitting & inspections

PLC Programming Services

A core competency at EC&S is the design and installation of electrical controls and instrumentation for the automation of industrial processes. We also retrofit existing systems with updated electronic controls and perform PLC programming that incorporates process flow principles into your manufacturing procedures.

EC&S is an agile, multi-disciplinary design and construction firm with hands-on experience in facility management and maintenance. Utilizing breakthrough technology and our practical understanding of your operational challenges, we create solutions that deliver quantitative results for your business. Request a project consultation online or speak to an EC&S representative at 205.833.9900 for more information about customized lift stations. 

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