Metal Casting & Holding Furnace Systems


EC&S Foundry Melt Systems with Holding Furnaces

Holding furnaces are essential components of melt systems that prepare iron, steel, aluminum and metal alloys for casting and molding operations. When evaluating the type of holding furnace required for an industrial foundry operation, EC&S experts consider these factors:

  • Melted metal volume & type
  • Casting production rate
  • Metal or alloy consistency
  • Metal waste formation
  • Uniformity of holding temperature
  • Energy efficiency factors

Holding Furnaces for Metal Casting Operations

For operations requiring large quantities of molten metals or alloys to be held in preparation for casting, an induction channel furnace may be a wise choice. Channel furnaces consist of a steel shell lined with refractory brick, with heat supplied by the coil of a specialized transformer. Channel holding furnaces are quiet, energy-efficient and useful for holding molten metal produced by a continuous melt system. Let EC&S service your current channel furnace or design, build and install a whole new system.

EC&S Foundry Solutions

The EC&S team has decades of hands-on foundry operation and turn-key project management experience, allowing us to develop forward-thinking solutions for industrial manufacturers. We design facilities with long-term reliability, ease of maintenance and system performance in mind, taking our clients’ specified metrics into account. Submit an online inquiry to request practical solutions for maximizing the efficiency of your industrial casting operation. To schedule a consultation or speak with a representative, call 205.833.9900 today.