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EC&S has a deep and cross-functional experience with relations to all types of foundries and foundry design construction. From the critical components of the melting system, to overhead cranes, kilns, conveyors and material handling, EC&S has probably installed it, repaired it or built it from the ground up!  Please call us to discuss your foundry application, and let us use our decades of experience to solve your application and improve your foundry.

East Jordan Iron Works - Ardmore, OK

Project to engineer electrical & piping for plant equipment installation. Furnish material and labor for the project.

  • Electrical and Piping for new foundry equipment
  • Install 2070 Duca on back-up generator
  • Add 1000KVA substation
  • Increase capacity for Hartley cooler
  • Wire motors and starter for three MCC in plant
  • Provide PLant lighting and receptacles
  • 1200A power distribution panel
  • Wire the new 2070 disa
  • New PLC control system for the 2070 disa

U.S. Pipe and Foundry

American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, AL

Description: American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham Alabama

Summary: ACIPCO, the first ductile iron pipe caster to install a continous electric arc furance (Contiarc) 65 MW of power to melt continuous ductile iron.


  • Wired all of the Contiarc electrical equipment.
  • Built, designed and installed electrical substation for the new melting system.


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