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EC&S Feasibility Studies

One of the most important preliminary steps for companies planning to build or expand facilities and operations is a thorough cost/benefit analysis or feasibility study. EC&S has the resources and experience to understand the scope of a proposed project, identify potential obstacles and risks to completion, formulate viable alternatives and analyze available and needed resources to achieve success.

Components of an In-Depth Feasibility Study
Construction or expansion of industrial facilities is often a multi-year, multiphase project that continues through market changes, personnel turnover, and political shifts. To assess whether the increased capacity and additional resources to be gained by a project outweigh possible strains on company finances and manpower, EC&S project feasibility study services conducts an in-depth analysis of these factors:

  • Project scope & limits
  • Duration of project phases
  • Risks & obstacles to completion
  • Availability of adequate funding
  • Resources for limiting or funding cost overruns
  • Project constraints (legal, regulatory, & logistical)
  • Availability of personnel, equipment & supplies
  • Alternative scenarios
  • Other commitments that could impact project completion

An EC&S feasibility study is an important tool for mapping out the pitfalls of proceeding with a project versus the potential benefits of improved efficiencies and expanded capacity.

Advantages of EC&S Project Management
After 40+ years in the construction field and completion of numerous complex projects, EC&S has the hands-on experience to take your expansion plans from concept to reality. We are a global company delivering turn-key design and construction solutions for heavy industry. The EC&S team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive project management services including:

  • Project planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Budgeting
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Cost controls
  • Documentation
  • Financial management
  • Communications

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