Industrial Electric Furnace Installation


EC&S Electric Furnace Applications

Steel and metallurgical operations in the U.S. and around the globe are turning to energy-efficient electric furnaces for production of high-quality metals for molding and casting. As a leader in turn-key project development, EC&S has been constructing and installing electric furnace facilities for decades. We have the expertise to manage all phases of electric furnace installation-from planning and design to acquisition, construction, start-up and final facility commissioning.

Whole System Electric Furnace Engineering 

Electric furnaces fall into two broad categories: electric arc furnaces and electric induction furnaces. Critical factors in selecting the right furnace for your project include:

  • Melting or holding capacity
  • Production rate
  • Cost efficiency
  • Emissions compliance

With EC&S, you have a partner with (1) the in-depth knowledge to select the right electric furnace for your industrial application, and (2) the technological skills to provide layout and installation services that meet any facility objective.

Advantages of Electric Arc Furnaces

Electric arc furnaces are widely used in the production of steel from scrap metal feedstock. These industrial furnaces operate with more flexibility than cupola furnaces and are preferred when production demand varies. EC&S provides system layout, acquisition, and installation of all types of electric arc furnaces. We also engineer solutions for these operational challenges:

  • Dust & emissions compliance
  • Energy management
  • Automated controls
  • Water cooling

Induction Melting & Holding Furnaces

Electric induction furnaces are rapidly gaining favor as an efficient method for melting metals and holding molten metal before the casting process begins. Electric induction furnaces create a natural stirring effect that produces consistent temperatures and uniform alloy compositions. They also provide flexible production and are a good solution for facilities that produce casting pipe and tubing.

Engineering Excellence to Take Your Operation to the Next Level

EC&S is a global engineering and construction firm specializing in custom industrial solutions. We develop innovative designs and manage complex projects for foundries, power plants, sand reclamation, cement and lime operations, and many more industries. Contact an EC&S electric furnace specialist online to explore our imaginative solutions for your business. You can also call 205.833.9900 to request a project estimate.