Industrial Piping & Concrete Systems


Piping & Concrete System Installation

The foundation and bones of your facility are not items to cut costs on, or to trust to inexperienced sub-contractors. EC&S routinely works with concrete from things as simple as pouring a footer for a post to something as complicated as creating a base structure for a facility.

Just as critical as the proper base, is the proper structure. Working with I-beams and welding are trades that resonate through our crews. Whether you need a new structure to support your stack, a new safety railing installed, a storage retrieval system or you want to add onto your existing structure, we have the knowhow to do the job.

Just like our trades in concrete and structural, we have a rich history in piping. EC&S has experience with the turn-key design and install of the following types of piping systems:

  • water
  • sewer
  • electrical conduit
  • sprinkler systems
  • finally process
  • flow systems  

Piping is critical to your facility, and is not an item to cut costs on, or to trust with inexperienced sub-contractors. EC&S routinely works with pipes of all types, contact EC&S to discuss your requirements in piping, concrete ore structural.

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