Cement and Lime Process Automation


Cement & Lime Construction Services

Production of cement and lime products for commercial distribution and local construction requires multifaceted industrial operations. EC&S provides design and construction services for all phases of cement and lime production in the U.S. and across the globe. We specialize in industrial solutions that maximize production efficiencies while minimizing energy usage and maintenance downtime.

Plant Engineering and Construction Capabilities

With over 40 years of industrial experience in plant development, construction and operation, EC&S is uniquely positioned to design efficient cement and lime manufacturing plants and oversee facility and system construction.

Comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Facility layout & structural engineering
  • Equipment acquisition
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision
  • Process flow solutions
  • Conveyer system configuration
  • Material sorting & crushing systems
  • Wash plants & wastewater treatment solutions
  • Pollution containment & remediation
  • Silos for storage, processing & distribution
  • Shaft & rotary kilns for limestone or dolomite calcification
  • Fuel processing & management
  • Electrical systems design & controls

EC&S Total Project Development

As a global design and construction firm, EC&S manages plant construction projects for hundreds of industry partners. Acting as a one-stop solution for our clients, we save you time and money by providing turn-key project development that takes facility plans from initial concept to full plant operation. We also design upgrades for existing plants and develop preventative and predictive maintenance procedures that enable continuous plant operations and improvements.

EC&S Supplemental Manpower Services

As part of our commitment to building a lasting client relationship, EC&S maintains a base of highly qualified and experienced personnel who are ready to step in when manpower shortages disrupt operations or threaten to delay your project. Our team members have decades of industrial experience in facility management and the maintenance necessary to fill personnel gaps and keep your project on track for completion.

To inquire about EC&S services or schedule a consultation, contact a representative online or by phone at 205.833.9900.

Lehigh Cement - Leeds, AL

Description: New Electrical Substation

Summary: This was a Turn Key contract to engineer and install a new electrical substation.

  • 20 Feet of 250A, 115KV aluminum angle buss.
  • (3) buss support structures.
  • (1) 115KV electric gang operated switch
  • (1) vacuum type 115KV switch
  • 4000A, 5KV service in cable tray with 500KCM wire and all necessary termination kits. Service will run from transformer to 4160V main switch
  • (1) main 4160V breaker
  • (1) 5KV fused load break switch
  • (1) Backup battery set
  • (1) 25KVA substation transformer, swtich and breaker panel for 220/110V power
  • (4) Substation flood lights
  • Substation fencing with main gate and (2) man gates
  • Substation grounding
  • Substation gravel
  • Necessary substation concrete pads
  • Interconnect all substation control equipment
  • Remove existing wiring for existing 4160V switchgear and reroute the existing switchgear wiring via manhole to the new 4160V

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