Electrical Room-in-a-Box


Do you want to save money on your next power distribution install or upgrade?


EC&S can design and build entire electrical power distributions systems inside shipping containers, and install them on your site.

ith a containerized system, you can greatly decrease the timeline of construction, while increasing the quality of workmanship.  Three elements that are unpredictable on the job site are: the skill set of the workers, the environment and the proper tools available to do the job right.  An EC&S system is built in a controlled environment, using precision tooling by skilled technicians.  Our management and engineers oversee the entire project from start to finish.

When you select an EC&S system, you will also save on all of the extra ancillary costs that hurt your bottom-line, such as:

All the while, providing a shorter time-line to start-up and commissioning.

Since the shipping container is manufactured to withstand the ocean environment, it is ideal to be placed outdoors.  Locating your power distribution room outdoors will give you tighter control over your square footage usage, utility costs and greater flexibility when troubleshooting or upgrading.

Not only can EC&S manufacture containerized electrical rooms, but we can also engineer pump rooms, fire suppression rooms, battery back-up or power supply rooms in the same footprint.  Or, if you still want the flexibility and pre-built characteristics of a containerized system, but don’t need the container, we can build any of the mentioned systems on a fork-able ‘skid.’

If your application calls for flexibility, and you want to save time, control your quality and at the end of the day save money, then contact EC&S for more information!  www.ECandS.com