Control Systems with Bag Houses


Environmental Control Systems with Bag Houses

The collection of airborne particulates is critical to environmental regulations, the health of the operators and the efficient operation of any system. Very similar to the principal of a large industrial vacuum cleaner, a modern environmental control system uses large fans and duct work to create a suction of air that remotely remove dust from a process point, or via intake vents at the apex of a structure.

There are two primary types of bag house, with the way the bags are cleaned being the primary difference. A bag house can use either a mechanical shaking device (shaker bag house), or a pulse of compressed clean air (pulse jet bag house) to removing collected dust from the filter bags. Once the dust is removed, all heavier than air particles fall into a physical bag on the exterior of the bag house. This final bag is then reclaimed or properly disposed.

Baghouses are used in dozens of process related industries such as: foundries, saw or pulp mills, steel mills, and the mining of sand, lime or ore. At EC&S we have 40+ years of experience installing environmental dust collectors. We are a Turn-Key supplier and will partner with you as a single source to solve your toughest environmental applications.

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