Arc Furnace Melt Systems & Electric Arc Furnace Service


Arc Furnace Melt Systems

Electric arc furnaces are a quick-to-start and quick-to-stop alternative when steel or metal alloy production does not require the continuous production capacity of cupola furnaces. These arc melt systems produce ferrous alloys and steel from scrap iron injected with graphite electrodes, creating an arc that heats and melts the metal. EC&S has extensive experience procuring, installing and commissioning arc furnaces for foundries and parts manufacturers worldwide.

Arc Furnaces Offer Flexibility and Cost Savings

Electric arc furnaces can be operated on a varied production schedule that responds to the ups and downs of demand. EC&S customers often realize notable energy savings by operating furnaces during off-peak periods when electric rates are at their lowest. Our skilled team has the experience to advise you on these methods of efficient, cost-effective operation.

EC&S Arc Furnace Solutions

As a global foundry engineering firm, EC&S provides the following services for arc furnace facilities:

  • Layout & design
  • Material & energy balance calculations
  • Component acquisition & installation
  • Construction supervision
  • Materials handling systems design
  • Electric power installation & distribution
  • Environmental dust collection system design & installation

Supplementing Engineering & Project Management

From greenfield design to the engineering of existing plant systems, EC&S has the technical expertise to manage your project. Working in partnership with your staff, we isolate solutions that cut costs, increase efficiency and produce measurable results. To schedule a consultation, contact an EC&S representative online or call 205.833.9900 today.