Arc Flash Services


Arc Flash Testing Services

Arc flash or flashover is a serious hazard that can cause fire, employee injuries or even death in industrial settings. This occurs when an electric current unexpectedly arcs through the air to the ground or to another conductor. If an employee is nearby when arcing occurs, life-threatening injury may result. EC&S conducts arc flash hazard assessments of industrial facilities and develops and implements strategies to remedy unsafe conditions.

Arc Flash Assessment 

Determining the risk of arc flash in an industrial work environment is the first step to preventing accidents. EC&S certified personnel conduct hazard assessments in accordance with NFPA 70E standards. These onsite surveys evaluate power distribution systems and identify areas of potential electrical hazard, unsafe work practices, and hazardous work environments. Using the results of this assessment, EC&S experts recommend processes for improving these conditions and mitigating risks.

We also provide comprehensive services for implementing corrective actions in your workplace, including:

  • Training for employees & supervisory personnel
  • Revising workplace practices
  • Posting safety labels & warning signs where arc flash hazard exists
  • Identifying hazardous work environments
  • Installing barricades around hazardous areas
  • De-energizing electrical circuits where feasible
  • Installing insulation
  • Adding ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Replacing old or worn switches & relays
  • Updating electrical controls with PLC technology

Electrical Controls Installation

With over 40 years of experience in industry, EC&S can evaluate your power usage and customize a power distribution system to meet current and future needs. We also configure electric/electronic control systems to deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies. Adding PLC programmable controls improves process flow and enhances LEAN- manufacturing practices.  Working hand-in-hand with your staff, our team finds solutions that cut costs, increase efficiency, and produce measurable improvements in plant performance.

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