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Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Electric Controls and Systems, Inc. (EC&S) provides successful solutions for foundries, steel mills, iron & steel processing, secondary aluminum smelting, cement plants and paper mills; having the ability to deliver turn-key mechanical, piping, dust collection, electrical, controls, instrumentation and commissioning services. EC&S has been successful in several turn-key heavy industrial projects, most notable of late being the lead firm on a new Ductile Iron Pipe Plant for a major manufacturer.

Further, EC&S has won over a dozen turn-key emission control projects, both domestic and international, taking the responsibility for meeting stringent MACT emissions guarantees. With its complete system capability, EC&S can reliably take complete chute-to-stack responsibility for projects as diverse as iron making and Waste-to-Energy.

Our capabilities include Design, Procurement, Complete Installation, Programming and Start-up for a variety of Industrial Projects. These capabilities have led to a specialization in Electrical, Instrumentation, Process Control, Environmental Control and Power Distribution for Industrial Projects.

Traditionally, our focus has been the successful completion of turn-key projects within the foundry, steel, quarry, cement and paper industries, but we also have recently gained valuable experience in water, environmental control, robotics, gantry systems and green-sand reclamation. Our dedicated and qualified engineering and construction personnel have enabled us to build an excellent track record for quality on schedule and on-budget projects.

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