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EC&S has core strength with applications in the industries of steel, aggregate, power distribution, wood, and waste. At our beginning, EC&S specialized in Electrical Instrumentation, Process Control and Power Distribution for industrial projects. Success in these areas over the last 40 years allowed us to evolve into a customer focused and quality driven contractor. EC&S developed a core expertise that revolved around the foundry. With that in mind, we knew we could better serve our customers We became a true turn-key provider and develop expertise on the dozens of other systems that make up a modern foundry. With the ability to solve the smallest of applications as well as to construct the most challenging, we have built a reputation that allows us to deliver a turn-key project from start to finish.

Having skills in the industry is one thing, having turn-key skills in heavy industry is another.  We worked hard for these skills, and recognize that these positively translate across a broad array of industries. These skills include power distribution, material handling, environmental control, water treatment and distribution and the intelligence behind these applications, PLC logic and motor control.

EC&S has effectively made the jump from being an expert in one industry to being a partner in several.  We know industrial automation, control, and construction and what it takes to bring those together!  Contact us to learn more!

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